Expressions Adobe After Effects

Time expressions probably are most complicated for understanding when it comes to beginner animators. Time lies at the root of many expressions where seamless animation is required. It’s like a foundation to ensure that the animation based on expressions works.

Here’s one of the most simple examples of the use of this expression:

The values of the ‘time’ variable equals the timecode on the timeline. Thus, if you multiply ‘time’ by 360, you accelerate the speed of your animation, and in one second, instead of 1 degree, the hand of the clock moves 1*360.

Applies this expression


Advanced Expression Version

Simple expressions won’t work correctly if you add them to the properties with more than one value. As it is for wiggle, you need to additionally specify for which of the axes the animation is needed. And also, typing in “value +’ at the beginning of a new line, you will keep the option of adjusting the values manually. “- inPoint” gives you the option of offsetting the animation together with layer shifting along the Timeline.

Applies this expression

speed = 100;
t = (time - inPoint) * speed;

// value + t  // also copy this line if you need to continue to manually change the value

// value + [t, 0]  // x axis animation
// value + [0, t]  // y axis animation

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